About fcg

for colored gurls was created primarily for colored gurls. Excuse me, women of color, but it includes all women. Women who are all about improving themselves and their lives.

for colored does this by reporting interesting and important news, inspiring women through stories of successful women and motivational words and exposing them to different cultural traditions and ideas. fcg also covers style and beauty; it includes a dash of personal experiences.

What topics do fcg cover?

Culture: info about cultural/awareness events [Women’s History Month, St. Patrick’s Day] and things having to do with different cultures [Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month].

Feel Good Fridays: inspirational posts to help you live your best life

Health: topics to keep you healthy, physically and mentally.

Life: myriad topics including, but not limited to, relationships, love, career, etc.

News: interesting, important, [insert adjective here] news I found browsing news sources.

Style/Flyy Fridays: beauty and fashion topics.

My Quote of the Day/Words to Live By: a collection of my favorite inspirational quotes.

Bodacious Bloggers: a series featuring some awesome bloggers I think you should check out.

Napptural Beauties: a series featuring gorgeous beauties who rock their hair naturally.

Successful Sistas: an interview series featuring successful women pursuing their dream careers.

My tagline– News. Culture. Inspiration. Life.- is really what f:or colored gurls is all about, with a little beauty and style thrown in for good measure.

About Me  

It's Me

Let’s see…In addition to producing fcg, I am a freelance copywriter and columnist. I write content for small businesses, startups and nonprofits. (You can find more details at mochawriter.com).

In my free time, I like to read, hang out with loved ones, paint my nails, read magazines and books and just generally enjoy life.

Have questions or comments about for colored gurls? Email me at forcoloredgurls@gmail.com or leave me a comment.



 If you want to use one of my blog posts on your website or blog, please attribute it to me, Jamie Fleming, and include a link back to for colored gurls. Thank you! = )


(c) Copyright 2008-2010. for colored gurls. All rights reserved.


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12 03 2009

hi there, i will be following you!

1 10 2009
Where’s the Color Purple? October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month « Anne Caroline Drake

[…] did a little surfing around this morning.  I first found a blog post by Jamie Fleming, an aspiring freelance writer in Georgia:  “How men can help end violence against women […]

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