24 Things to do Before I turn 24

In honor of my 23rd birthday, I decided to make a list of 24 things that I would like to do before I turn 24. I’ll mark the completed ones as I go along. So, here goes, in no particlar order..

1. Skydiving

2. Take a pole dancing and belly dancing class.

3. Get published in a national, mainstream consumer magazine.

4. Take a road trip with my girls.

5. Start an IRA and savings account.

6. Be a full-time freelance writer [meaning not having to have a temp or part-time job].

7. Go somewhere exciting and really party on New Years.

8. Be an inspiration to girls through my organization, G.I.R.L. [Girls Inspired to Reach high in Life].

9. Participate in Lent [for real this time].

10. Take grant writing courses

11. Grow my dreads to at least armpit length.

12. Have a fabulous, fabulous blog with fabulous subscribers and readers.

13. Spend a whole lot more time with my homies.

14. Go out and do more fun things- whatever those things may be.

15. Eat exotic cuisine, like Indian or Thai.

16. Go to a night lounge or jazz club.

17. Have a fit, toned body.

18. Make my own truffles.

19. Cook a big dinner.

20. Have 1000 pictures on Facebook.

21. Run a marathon.

22. Get a Macbook –> this, I think, is a long shot.

23. Rent all the “classic” Black movies.

24. Become an amateur photographer.


12 responses

13 05 2009

Great list…I’m rooting for ya! And LOL @ having 1000 pictures on Facebook!


14 05 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thanks E!! Appreciate the love! = )

14 05 2009
Bryan Smith

24 things before 24… sounds like a lot. But I know you can do it!

BTW… I think I have a scheme that can get us BOTH Macbooks. Are you apprehensive about going to jail?

21 11 2009

Bryan I don’t care about jail time. Let’s get get get it! I already have a macbook though

1 09 2009
Carol Brown

What a great blog. I forwarded to my 23 year daughter. Thanks!

2 09 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thanks, Carol. I hope she enjoys it!

23 11 2009
Miss Journey

This is a great list. A little bit of fun mixed in with some things that’ll set you up for a successful future. I love it!

24 11 2009

Wow! Your list was really inspirational! My 23rd bday is coming up in december, so I will definitely make a list. I can’t lie, I have to steal a few things off your list. I love that you are a dreadhead, hopefully mine will be neck length by the time I’m 24. This blog is ABSOLUTELY awesome, I hope to be the NEXT great thing to come out of H-town because you are on it Girl!

25 11 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thank you sooo much! It means a lot = ) And about the list, steal away!

Wishing you much success!

13 12 2009

Hey Jamie!

Great list and quite inspiring! I plan on making one of my own, a list for the new year & post on my blog, Lol @ u doing jailtime for the mac…i’ll try to raise bail $ if u run into 5-0, lol, but i’m sure you can get it legally w/o paying an arm & a leg. my friend got one for $600 on craigslist.

oh,yea, yoga is THE way to go for the fit,toned body thing…i’ve always been lean, but never excercised…i’ve been doing yoga & pilates since Jan.. & it produces great great results! You’ll feel good inside, out!

14 12 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thanks Jewell! I’ll have to check your blog/list out. And good looking out on raising bail lol.

I’m lean, too, and I exercise a little and do yoga on occasion; I definitely need to get back into it and do some pilates. : )

23 01 2010

Please move your #5 to #1! Trust me……..

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