My Quote of the Day- March 29

29 03 2010

“When you discover the thing that you love to do, it’s like meeting the love of your life.”

-Viola Davis


My Quote of the Day- March 26

26 03 2010

“It costs everything to win and everything to lose. In my mind, you might as well at least just try and give it your all.”

-Maya Angelou

My Quote of the Day- March 24

24 03 2010

“Figure out who you are and be that…Don’t try to become what you’re not. Instead, learn to love everything about you- your looks, your preferences, quirks and idiosyncracies…praise yourself from the inside out… Love what God made.”

-Susan Taylor

My Quote of the Day- March 23

23 03 2010

“Stay grounded and focused on your daily goals and intentions. Don’t get distracted; don’t let anything get in the way.”

-Jane Powell

My Quote of the Day- March 22

22 03 2010

“Happiness is attainable; you have to create it for yourself.”

My Quote of the Day- March 19

19 03 2010

“Be comfortable being you.”

-Tracey Wilson Mourning

My Quote of the Day- March 18

18 03 2010

“Do you and mind your own business. When you concern yourself with your affairs, you won’t have time to worry aboout anyone else’s.”