My Quote of the Day- March 29

29 03 2010

“When you discover the thing that you love to do, it’s like meeting the love of your life.”

-Viola Davis


My Quote of the Day- March 25

25 03 2010

“…if you never give up or let circumstances get you down, you can accomplish anything.”

-Selita Ebanks

My Quote of the Day- March 24

24 03 2010

“Figure out who you are and be that…Don’t try to become what you’re not. Instead, learn to love everything about you- your looks, your preferences, quirks and idiosyncracies…praise yourself from the inside out… Love what God made.”

-Susan Taylor

My Quote of the Day- March 22

22 03 2010

“Happiness is attainable; you have to create it for yourself.”

My Quote of the Day- March 19

19 03 2010

“Be comfortable being you.”

-Tracey Wilson Mourning

My Quote of the Day- March 16

16 03 2010

“… When you follow your dream with persistence and resilience, that dream will always become a reality.”

-Russell Simmons

My Quote of the Day- March 15

15 03 2010

“Say farewell forever to excuses, indifference and regrets. Stand up, claim what you want, and get ready to do what it takes to get it.

“In other words, commit to yourself, and never settle for less than your ideal.”

-Jane Powell