Feel Good Fridays: How to stay motivated to achieve your goals

26 03 2010

I know first hand that it can be difficult to remain motivated when working towards a goal- sometimes I feel discouraged, overwhelmed or just plain tired; I’m sure you sometimes feel the same way.

Last week, I saw an article by Shine staff member, Sarah McColl, with six ways you can stay motivated so you can achieve your goals:

Be specific. On a sheet of paper, write your goal at the top in big letters. If your goal is to exercise more, don’t just write “Exercise more”; be as specific as possible. For instance, write things like making it to the gym three times a week or being able to run a half marathon in a few months. By making your goal as quantifiable as possible, you’ll know exactly when you’ve accomplished it.

Remember why you’re doing this in the first place. McColl says when the going gets tough, the tough remember the initial reasons they wanted to achieve something. So, underneath the goal you’ve written on that sheet of paper, write all the reasons you want to accomplish that particular goal. Using the “exercise more” example, maybe you want to look and feel good in your clothing or you want to tone your body. Make your list as thorough as possible so on those days when you don’t feel like working out, one of your reasons will get you going.

Assemble a personal cheer squad. When we were kids, we always looked up to somebody, whether it was a sports star, an actress or an older cousin. But as some of us get older, we stop looking up to others. However, it’s important to remember that adults need someone to aspire to as well; so, build a team of role models. They can be real individuals in your life, celebrities or other successful individuals in the limelight or fictional characters. When you don’t have much motivation, McColl suggests picturing your supporters gathered around you, cheering you on and pushing you to greater heights than you could ever achieve on your own.

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Feel Good Fridays: Creating your vision

12 03 2010

My vision board: 2010

A great way to visualize what you want in life is by creating a vision board. What’s a vision board, you  ask? It’s a collage of words and/or photos that symbolize what your vision for your life.

Here are some reasons why you should create a vision board (From “9 reasons why you should create a vision board“).

  1. It enables you to connect to the essence of who you are and what you stand for.
  2. It can be an inspiration for the choices you make and enable you to make decisions from your heart and soul, rather than your head.
  3. You can connect with what you really want rather than what you think you should do or believe is the best thing to do.
  4. It enables you to tap into your creativity to design your life how you want it to be.
  5. It can increase clarity around what you want in your life.
  6. It can be an inspiration to keep going under adversity.
  7. It can help break a mood or lift your spirits.
  8. It enables you to see when you are disconnected from your true self and being driven by external factors or the ego.
  9. It can help you reconnect and refocus to your goals and dreams, as well as who you are at your core.

Check out my post, What’s your vision? ,to see how to make a vision board.

Feel Good Fridays: Simplify your Life

26 02 2010

If you’re like most people, you probably have many responsibilities and things to do in your daily life. And, of, course, these things can, and often do, make us feel stressed and overwhelmed. Well, here are five ways to simply your life from Yana Berlin, creator of fabulously40.com.

  1. Observe the clutter you have. Keep a healthy outlook on what’s really important so you can remember what truly matters. If your calendar is overflowing with many appointments and dates, you’ll be overwhelmed by all you have to do. By sorting through your possibilities and actively taking out appointments, you can clear your head so you have more time to focus on friends, family and most importantly, you.
  2. Find and follow your passion. Take time to do what you really enjoy. Now is a great time to pursue a hobby you love, take a class or learn something you new.
  3. Learn to savor–not rush through life. One way to find pleasure in your life is slow down long enough to be grateful for things as they happen.
  4. Stop obsessing and worrying about the future. Of course, you can plan (and should, in my opinion) for the future, but it’s important to remember that you are living now. By discovering the beauty in this moment, we will remember how valuable ever minute is.
  5. Give up some of your control. Even though I struggle with this, Berlin says our happiness shouldn’t depend on your plans going off without a hitch. Life is full of them, and hitches keep things interesting. If you stop insisting on complete control over your life, you obtain flexibility that will make adjusting to change easier and simpler.

Photo from: synergyprg.com

Have a great weekend, ladies (and gents)!

Feel Good Fridays: Get a more confident you!

29 01 2010

I’m sure you know by now that confidence is a trait that’s essential- without it, you’re less likely to reach your full potential. To feel self-confident and worthy, you have to alter how you see yourself by setting significant goals that you can reach. Also, when you understand your worth and start on a more positive journey, you will ultimately shine in all you do!

Here are some things that will get you on the path to a new, more confident you (from 6 Steps to a More Confident You).


Start an achivement Log. Start a journal to keep track of your personal achivements. Sit and reflect on all that you’re proud of accomplishing in the past and remember how great those moments made you feel.

Create a personal SWOT analysis. This will show you the strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and threats you face in your daily life. The focus here should be more on the positives- don’t let your weaknesses and threats bring you down. This will help you ground yourself and see exactly what lies ahead.

Check out the other tips here. And if you have any tips on getting confident, feel free to leave a comment!

Photo from: shutterstock.com