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29 03 2010

Because I plan to do bigger and better things with for colored gurls, I’ve created a Twitter account just for this blog. I’ll be tweeting about any changes, blog posts, articles I find and more.

Please follow: @forcoloredgurls. And tell a friend! : )


Help me out, ladies

18 03 2010

Currently, I’m doing a little revamping and enhancement of for colored gurls. One thing I’m doing is reworking my mission statement and tagline, so I need your help.

What three words would you use to describe this blog?

Thank you in advance for your thoughts!

Happy 101 Award

12 03 2010

Shout out to LaKesha for this fabulous award! LaKesha is an awesome woman and blogger (hey, she’s even a Bodacious Blogger), and I’m honored that she thought of me.

The rules are:

When you recieve this award, you must thank the person that awarded you this in the new post.

Name 10 things that make you happy.

Pass the award on to 10 other bloggers and inform the winners.

10 things that make me happy are:

  1. Running this blog, my readers and their support
  2. Being able to help entrepreneurs and business owners succeed
  3. Feeling like I’m helping/inspiring/encouraging other women
  4. Chocolate!
  5. Nail polish
  6. Books and magazines
  7. Spending time with my bffs & fiance
  8. Warm, sunny days
  9. Anything motivational and inspirational
  10. The feeling I have after a work out

10 of my favorite bloggers

  1. Autumn–> Girl in My Own World
  2. Laurie–> See Jane Soar
  3. Courtney–> The Think and Grow Chick
  4. Denise–> My Passion
  5. Brittany–> Loc Rocker
  6. The Purple Sky
  7. Tricia–> Pages of My Journal
  8. Britnee–> Tattoos and Cupcakes
  9. Anilia–>Motivated Sista
  10. JeLisa–> …And They Lived Blogging Ever After

I chose these bloggers because they inspire me in some way, make me think, and I just plain old love their blogs!

If you haven’t heard…

23 02 2010

…or seen on Facebook or Twitter, I’m engaged!

Even though the date isn’t ’til next year, I’ll be blogging about my plans over on my loc blog, Mocha’s Locs (I have one post already). And check out the wedding website I created if you’re just that interested in us lol ; ) Just click here.

Any tips/advice are welcome and appreciated!

Giveaway from 52 Flavors

3 02 2010

Hello chicas!

If you’re into nail polish like me, then you’ll love this.

The pretty brown girl is having a giveaway for her one-year blogaversary. By the way, this blog is fabulous for all you nail polish fanatics out there. Check out the giveaway here. Good luck (to you and me) lol!

Yet another new blog…

16 12 2009

So, I’ve started another blog, Mocha’s Locs. It’s going to be about my loc journey and other beauty/fashion stuff, including my ‘Nails of the Moment.’ Check it out here, and feel free to follow/leave comments!

Ciao bellas!

Survey says!

4 12 2009

for colored gurls has been around for a year and three months, and now I want to get my dear readers’ opinions on the website. So, if you have a few minutes, please take the time to answer a few questions. I’d really appreciate it!

What is your overall view of topics covered here?

Are there any topics in particular you’d like to see covered in the near future?

What would you like to know/learn about in 2010?

What are your favorite types of posts on fcg? Interviews, lists, articles, etc.?

What are your thoughts on posting frequency? Too much, too little, just right?

Would you like for fcg to have a more community feel? If so, what do you suggest?

What frustrates you about fcg?

What is the best thing about fcg?

Please feel free to add any other feedback you may have.

You can respond by leaving a comment or emailing me at Let me go ahead and say that I may not be able to respond to or use every suggestion, but I will read them all and take them into consideration. All I ask is that you be honest, courteous and constructive in your responses.

Thank you! ♥