Why for colored gurls was created

I’ve been in love with the written word and magazines since I was in elementary school, and I graduated in May 2008 with a degree in Mass Communication (Print Journalism). (I probably have over 100 books and 100 magazines to my name).

I’d always wanted to write for a magazine in some capacity, particularly in one that catered to younger women. Why? Well, one reason is I felt (and still feel in some ways) that magazines for teens and young adults don’t have a lot of  information of substance; they also really didn’t include women of color-and only recently have gotten a little better.

So, I had the idea to start a magazine to remedy this little issue, however, it takes tons of money (and time and people) to create a magazine, and I didn’t want to wait until I had enough money to create something on paper…I wanted something now! And besides, everyone knows that, unfortunately, print media is going the way of the [insert something obsolete here].

I decided that I should begin some kind of something, and after much trial and error, I came up with for colored gurls (which is a play on words from the 1975 stage play for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow is enuf by Ntozake Shange). And here it is…

I really enjoy doing this, and with that said, if there’s anything you ever want to know and read about, let me know because I’d be more than willing (usually) to write about it!

Your faithful writer,


Freelance Writer

Mocha Writer


3 responses

11 03 2009

I’m glad you did. Great site!

10 04 2009

Good to see you being such an inspiration. I have watched you grow into a very beautiful & successful woman. I admire you for not giving up on your dreams. You have that drive that many do not. You are headed in the right direction. If I can help in any way,please feel free to contact me. I am writing a book myself, I may need a few pointers in the next few years.LOL
Seriously, I enjoyed this site. I wish I had checked it out before. Use what you have, then you will get where you want . Life reminds us to take chances. Some of the most successful writers started without the funds, now look at there story. Stand firm on who & what you believe in. You are inpiring to those around you. Great job thus far, I know you will continue to prosper as you have. Great things are in store for your future.
Much love

12 04 2009
Jamie Fleming

Aw, Trina, thank you so much! Your words really means a lot to me. I’m glad you enjoy the site; keep checking back for new stuff. And with your book, I got you!

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