Question of the Week- March 29

29 03 2010

Happy Monday! Last week’s question was about haters, and on Facebook, I asked:

Why do some people always talk about their “haters?” Do they really think they have something someone else wants?

One of the comments stood out. The person basically said that people hating on you is motivation, the person goes on to ask would we or how much would we strive if it weren’t for haters helping us stay focused.

I can somewhat understand the first part. I can see people using ‘haters’ to stay motivated; it’s like you want to prove them wrong and show them you can be successful.

However, I don’t agree with last part. I don’t do what I do- work on my goals- because I feel like someone is hating; I do it because it’s my purpose, and it’s what I love. And actually, I find that my motivation comes from myself and from positive and encouraging people, not negative ones.  So, this week’s question:

Do you need/want haters to motivate you?

As always, I love hearing from you, so answer away!




4 responses

29 03 2010

Yeah, I agree wih you to the fullest on this. I do think that haters can motivate you, but I also feel that you have to have it on the inside. Even if no one is paying attention to me, I always carry my dreams around with me in my heart and soul. So, to answer the question… no, I don’t think that you need haters and honestly… I don’t even want them.

29 03 2010

If haters are the only thing that can motivate you to do something, you might as well just not do it. You should achieve your goals because you want to do it, not to show off to naysayers. I don’t have haters. Maybe critics, but no true haters. Let’s face it, most of us are not that important to have haters anyway. Everything I acheive is because I want to.

29 03 2010

I would have to say, I could care less about ‘haters’. I pay no attention to them whatsoever and don’t care what they think (or don’t think) of me. They don’t motivate or inspire me to work harder in anyway. My focus is on doing what I love to do. I cannot waste energy nor time on trying to please a particular group of people. I devote my passion to those who are interested and care about what I offer and can bring to the table.

I understand how some people can be motivated by their haters, but I choose to be motivated by my own drive, desire and the positive response I receive from those I help on a daily basis!

29 03 2010

I wish this culture would just retire the term “hater” it’s so useless and I think it’s a way for one to feel a certain superiority about themselves. Someone is hating on me so I must be doing it. Shame more folks re concerned with their “haters” than their “lovers”

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