It’s National Condom Week

15 02 2010

Condom Fashion

The purpose of National Condom Week is to focus on the importance of safe sex. The week kicks off on Valentine’s Day for obvious reasons. So, in honor of the week, here’s a little info about condoms:

  • They really do work in preventing HIV transmission and unintentional pregnancy.
  • HIV and STDS can be spread during oral, anal or vaginal intercourse, so always use protection (or abstain).
  • Condom testing is very thorough and “goes above and beyond adequate safety measure testing.

And, in my opinion, this post wouldn’t be any good without some fun facts:

  • It’s estimated that 5 billion (yes, billion) condoms are used yearly worldwide.
  • There are about 100 different brands of condoms¬†available.
  • The Egyptians reportedly used condoms in 1350 BC; they were mostly made from animal bladders or intestines.
  • Condoms in the 18th century were made from sheep, lamb, goat intestines and even fish skin.
  • The Danish word for condom? Svangerskabsforebyggendemiddel.

For ways to get involved, click here.


National Condom Week of Action

Condom Fun Facts




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