Flyy Fridays: How to choose and wear perfume

5 02 2010

One of my favorite fragrances

Did you know that there are 1,270 brands of women’s fragrance available? (That’s a lot!) With that much available, it can be really hard to find one you love.

Well, here are three tips to help you find the right fragrance:



Test. Spray any fragrance you’re interested in on blotters and wait a few minutes for the alcohol to dry before sniffing. Smell your sleeve to clear your nose between testing each one. Choose up to four, and apply one on each inner wrist and outer forearm. Before choosing your favorite, let the scents settle for at least thirty minutes (several hours is preferable) so they can completely develop.

Check. The amount you apply and how often you reapply should be based on the scent’s concentration. For perfume, you only need a drop or two (it lasts up to 12 hours); for eau de parfum, use no more than three spritzes (it lasts around eight hours); and if you’re using mist eau de toilette, you can use it generously (it’s diluted and lasts around four hours).

Spritz. Apply the fragrance on your pulse points: the hollow of your neck, inner wrists and elbows and behind your ears and knees. Why? The warmth will subtly project scent.

Get more info on wearing perfumes from my source: Tips for Choosing and Wearing Perfumes

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