7 Habits of Happy People

27 01 2010


  1. Hang around happy people. According to psychologist John Gottman, you need five positive interactions for every negative interaction for you to consider a relationship a happy one. So, stay around individuals who support and encourage you.
  2. Move constantly toward your goals. Make commitments and keep your word. “The greatest dreams will not be accomplished without discipline and daily effort- and that process brings joy,” says Reverend A.R. Benard.
  3. Meditate on your blessings. End your day by thinking of three (or more) moments that made you feel grateful- they can be big or small. You can also record your blessings in a gratitude journal.
  4. Be good to yourself. Eat nutritioiusly and get six to eight hours of sleep every night. Also, exercise often because the endorphin boost increases your feeling of well-being and can help prevent illness.
  5. Connect- and connect some more. Be deliberate in developing strong bonds with other people. A 2002 University of Illinois study revealed that participants who reported the highest level of happiness also reported the strongest connections to friends and family.
  6. Go to church- any church. A 2006 Pew Research report showed that those who attend weekly services- of any faith- indicate that they feel much happier than those who attend once a month or less.
  7. Give- and forgive. Holding on to anger and resentment is an emotional weight that steals your joy. Let it go. Additionally, giving back makes you feel like you’re making a difference by creating an environment of connection and love.

Get happy, chicas!

(From Essence, July 2008 “Your Pursuit of Happiness”)

Photo from: quakeragitator.wordpress.com




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