Question of the Week- January 25

26 01 2010

Will we stop seeing this in the future?

I’m sure you’ve heard the “grim” statistics by now- 42 percent of us black women won’t get married. Now, I don’t know if I agree that the numbers are accurate, and whatever the numbers are, I’m not sure why black women are less likely to marry. However, a question I have pondered is if it matters whether or not we/they get married.

Of course, if you don’t desire marriage, or you don’t care one way or the other, then the stats probably don’t matter to you. But if you want to get hitched, and to a black man in particular, well, you might be somewhat concerned. And people have many different solutions to this issue (if you’d call it that): dating and marrying interracially, “lowering” one’s standards or just settle for being alone.

But my question is: Do you think that 42 percent of black women not marrying is a real issue? If so, do you think there’s something we can/should do about it?

As always, your comments are greatly appreciated, and I look forward to reading them!

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2 responses

28 01 2010

The whole statistic is overly hyped. I remember first hearing that 42 percent of black women aren’t married while watching “Something New.” Well like one character said, that doesn’t mean they won’t get married.

People are starting to feed on this mass hysteria about the stat and using it to their advantage. For instance, a car shop worker once quoted the number to me and said I needed to let them pimp my ride so I could get a man while I’m still young. He didn’t get my business.

Everybody is not going to get married. Some people don’t want to get married (me every other day).

This is only an issue if you make it for yourself. I think those stressing over it might really just want a wedding (the ceremony and party) and not a marriage (the real committement).

Personally I could care less that 42 percent of black women are not married. Now maybe when I’m 40 and single I might care. At 25 I’m all about me.

29 01 2010

Like Toni stated, I believe it is overly hyped. It urks me everytime they (media) decides to bring it up because people actually buy into this craziness.

I don’t think its an issue unless you make it your issue. My question is, “Why does it have to be a black man?” My solution is: Be open to being happy. Period. If you desire to get married then focus on a man with character, good work ethics and one who desires to be married, among other common sense things. Not necessarily a “black” man but A man with good qualities. Your soulmate could very well be someone of another race, ethnicity or nationality.

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