Make a contract to reach your goals

13 01 2010

Happy Wednesday, chicas! I subscribe to a website, called Meditations for Women, and I recieve daily emails with motivational articles. On Sunday, I got one called ‘Put Power Behind Your Goals’. In it, Jane Powell says a great way to formalize your goals and commitments is to write a contract to yourself. 

How do you do it? Spell out clearly and precisely as you can what your goals are, include step-by-step details of how and when you’re going to achieve them, sign and date the contract, share it with someone you trust and post it where you will see it. Your contract should also include how you’re going to reward yourself when you reach your milestones.

I, of course, decided to make one. You can check it out over here. If you decide to make one, let me know! I’d love to see it and support you!




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13 01 2010

Hey Jamie! I read you list and that is GREAT!!!! I really need to do this as I am peddling around this year with no direction. I think I will post one on PR and if you would like you can hold me accountable. I really need it as I don’t really feel like doing anything. I blogged about this on TVFTBIMH. Anyway, I will be keeping up with you to make sure that you are keeping inspired!!! I really believe that you can do it girl!!!! 🙂

13 01 2010
Jamie Fleming

Thanks, dear! And yes, we can hold each other accountable. I believe in you, too! : )

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