Question of the Week- January 11

11 01 2010

Since celebrities have become more accessible, more children (and some adults, even) emulate what they see on TV and the internet. Girls want to be like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus; guys want to be like Drake and Weezy. Now, many would argue that celebrites should be mindful of what they sing/rap about and watch what they do because kids look up to and imitate them. Others believe that just because Beyonce is a celebrity doesn’t mean she is or even should be a role model; they believe that parents should teach and raise their kids themselves and not let  TV and media have anything to do with it.

I get where both sides are coming from. Yes, parents have a responsibility to raise their children themselves, teach them what’s right or wrong, and tell them why they shouldn’t emulate what’s in certain songs (I’m not a parent or anything now, this is just what I think). On the other hand, I don’t think celebrities should necessarily be role models, but I think do they should realize that many, many people look up to them and will do what they say and will do what they talk about in their music. Perhaps they could have a balance with their music? Or have a disclaimer? I don’t know what the solution is…

Anyway, the question is: Should we expect celebrities to be role models for our children? Why or why not?

As always, I appreciate your comments!




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11 01 2010
LaKesha Womack

No, I don’t believe celebrities should be considered role models. They are entertainers whether through movies, sports or music. I also don’t think politicians should be viewed as role models. Public people are wearing a mask and I think we do ourselves and our children a disservice when we allow these people to be placed on a moral pedestal because they are human just like each of us.
Our children need more mentors than role models. They need someone that is moving in the direction that they are interested in moving in and that can testify to the trials and tribulations associated with attaining that success. In the past we have set up our children by making them think that success will come easily when it really involves a lot of blood, sweat and tears.
I hope that more parents will consider who they allow to be an influence in the lives of their children.
Great question 🙂

11 01 2010

I mean as much as I would like to say yes to them being role models. You do make a good point that just because they are a celeb should not mean that they have to be role models. If they are not trying to be looked at like that them I guess that we should not get mad or hold them accountable. I mean they are human too. However, I think that the problem is just that people who are trying to be role models and do more positive and things of a cleaner nature don’t get as much play. There are alot of really talented African American R&B singer – yet it is all about Beyonce and while she is talented… I am sick of her. I think that the balance needs to be in the different forms of talent that comes out. Unfortunately, as of right now that balance is sadly lacking. Soon things will change though.

11 01 2010

No…we should not look to celebrities to be role models.

I have a 7yr old son & his role model is his father. Our son watches every single thing his father does & wants to make his father proud of him. We have our son in outside activities after school & on the weekends, so there isn’t a large amount of time spend in front of the TV. We let our child pick out his own clothing to develop his own personal style. I typed all this to simply say…If you spend time with your child to help your child have a sense of worth, they don’t look to TV/Radio/Sports Celebs for their identity/worth.

The only reason why celebs are labeled “role models” is due to the petal status placed on them by society and the disconnect in the home (anyone & everybody’s home). I don’t view any celebrity as a role model and I as a parent, do not place any celebrities on a petal in front of my child or any other children in my care. TMZ won’t be a popular show, if society as a whole didn’t petal place.

Let us not be confused on the topic. It is only thing for girls/boys to dress like her favorite star and its other thing for girls/boys to idol worship. Little children & teens will have favorite celebs and may copy some of that celecs dress style & this can be a passing phase. If I have learned anything from my child, I learned that what is hot today isn’t even warm next month. Again, this is just how the world is viewed in my eyes and my time on the soapbox is over….Next!

11 01 2010

Why do celebrities automatically get the title of role models? You would think that is a title earned. Personally, I don’t think celebrities have a responsibility to any children except their own. The same should apply to all parents. Children that have to look to celebrities as role models probably don’t have any other positive example in their life. Too many parents leave it up to everyone else to raise their children. They expect the schools, church or media to teach their children. Don’t have children if you can’t be the best role model for them possible. Then we won’t have these carbon copies of Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan and Nikki Minaj.

13 01 2010
Jamie Fleming

*clapping hands* I agree with what all of you said. The black community could definitely use more mentors; we really need them. And Dawn, I commend you and your hubby on actually raising your son yourselves and doing so in a good way. I’m sure he will grow up to be a great and responsible adult.

Thanks for your comments! : )

15 01 2010

Yes … and no.

A child’s role model in life should be their parents. Their parents should be their model for how to act in life. Too often parents mandate how a child should act without showing a child how to act. Too often parents tell their child to heed their words not their actions. However, a child, like anyone, is easily motivated by actions.

When parents fail to be role models for their children then their children look outside of the home for someone they “think” is a seemingly good role model. The child may stumble upon a good role model, like someone from the First Family, or may hit a dud, like someone in the entertainment industry.

We fail to teach our children that entertainment is just that. Just because Wayne is rapping about sexing every woman in the world doesn’t mean that he is, that that’s cool or, more importantly, that that’s something a child should seek to do. Once we get pass that and understand to take things with a gain of salt then we can see entertainers and athletes for who they really are – someone who, more or less, came from a harsh upbringing and did something extraordinary to become someone most people never thought they could. That’s what a celebrity should be to a child – a reminder that despite adversity you really can do anything you set your mind to. Parents should handle the rest.

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