10 Habits of Highly Successful Women

6 01 2010

I read this a while back on Black Hair Media. I saw it again yesterday, so I decided to share with you all. Hope this helps someone!  (It was written by Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen of See Jane Soar!)

  1. Maintain your hormonal balance. Are you moody, exhausted, irritable or sad? Check your hormones. If they’re out of whack, you’ll struggle to be successful! Make sure you’re getting enough protein and vitamins and decrease your refined sugars and carbs.
  2. Forgive yourself for your mistakes. Highly successful women don’t obsess or feel guilty about past choices or failures. They make mistakes, move on and apply what they’ve learned to new situations.
  3. Connect with who you are. Being a daughter, wife or mother is one aspect of your life. It doesn’t define who you are as a woman. To connect with who you are, find and express your authentic self. The more authentic you are, the more appealing you’ll be to others- and to yourself!
  4. Avoid energy vampires. Do you feel drained or sad after spending time with a particular friend, coworker or relative? Limit the time you spend with him or her. Note how you feel after visiting with a certain person; if you feel energized and happy, then you’re in good company. Highly successful women choose their companions wisely.
  5. Speak kindly to yourself! If you beat yourself up for being overweight, a “bad” mom or not exercising enough, you just create a downward spiral. Highly successful women remind themselves of their achievements and successes. They refuse to tell themselves negative things; they accept themselves.
  6. Listen to your body. I heard Oprah Winfrey say this about 10 years ago: listen to what your body is telling you. Are you emotionally hungry or physically hungry? Feed yourself yourself properly. Are you sad, furious or depressed? Follow your body’s cues.
  7. Volunteer your time. Find something that takes you out of your comfort zone or that you love to do. You’ll feel great that you’re helping others out- and volunteering directly improves your physical health. Highly successful women step out of their comfort zones and takes risks.
  8. Let go of perfectionism. Strive to do your best, but let go of perfectionist tendencies. Accepting that you’re doing the best you can is a habit of highly successful women. Letting go of perfectionism is vitamins and exercise for the soul!
  9. Use your core strengths. Are you a natural mathematician, writer or party planner? Discover your core strengths by trying different things until you find what fits. To take risks and try new things, take short-term volunteer positions, volunteer for new projects at work or in your community.
  10. Take time for yourself. This habit for highly successful women is my favorite: take time to recharge your batteries and refuel your emotional, spiritual and physical energy. Spend at least a few minutes alone each day- even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom to do it!

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One response

8 01 2010

This is great!! I have to especially focus on no.2.

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