Be you!

22 12 2009

As I was procrastinating perusing on Facebook last night, I seen a lot of statuses about being yourself instead of trying to be like someone else. They were mainly referring to females trying to be like Nikki Minaj, and one guy made a good point about girls calling themselves Barbie- *news flash* Barbie is a plastic doll with unrealistic body proportions…not to mention that original Barbie is white…but I digress.

Anywho, ya’ll know I’m all about being confident in yourself and loving you, so please, don’t try to be anyone else. You are perfect just the way you are. Yes, it’s great to have role models and emulate yourself after positive individuals, but you have to do you.

What do you think about females (especially GROWN women) emulating celebrites?





3 responses

22 12 2009

I think females that try to emulate celebs lack a clear understanding of themselves and who they are. If you don’t know you, then anybody could be you and you choose the person you like the best. That’s just sad. Have your own identity. Love yourself and be you, whoever that maybe.

24 12 2009

What is different from young women emulating celebrities when young men do the same?. *sigh* To me it means a small mass of society accepts what it spoon fed to them. A small portion of that mass truly is insecure … and the majority of the mass is to lazy to be creative enough to do something that makes them stand out from everyone else instead of blend into what is considered the “norm.”

24 12 2009

Simply put, I think its sad when an adult woman tries to emulate a celebrity. That clearly reeks of a person not knowing who they are.

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