Napptural Beauties: Curly Nikki

21 12 2009

 Napptural Beauties features gorgeous beauties who rock their hair naturally.

A licensed psychotherapist by day and natural hair guru by night, Curly Nikki created her natural hair site with the purpose of inspiring, educating and motivating people to wear their hair naturally, whether curly, kinky or wavy serves as an educational tool and a platform for everyone to share their experiences, frustrations and triumphs of being Naturally Glamorous. She approaches the topic of natural hair differently than most.

“It is neither a political statement, nor a ‘back to nature’ movement,” she writes on her website. “It’s simply one part of a fabulous healthier lifestyle…an extension of your beauty. Making natural hair chic is the name of the game.”

In addition to her other roles, Curly Nikki is a wife, daughter, sister, friend, spokes model and natural hair consultant. Her website features other curly heads and their journeys, product reviews, a forum, hair how-tos and lots more.

Check out her website here.

And as she says, If you’re not feeling your hair, you’re not feeling yourself.”

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