Reasons to set a goal now

27 11 2009

I found this article on Yahoo’s Shine. Since it has some great points, I decided to share a little of it with you all.

…The simple act of goal-setting is very important to each and everyone of us and our overall well-being and happiness. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Direction: Without even the smallest of goals, it is easy to feel as though we lack direction or are lost. Having goals focuses our energy and enables us to work towards something we value.
  2. Individual purpose: Goals, whether big or small, are vitally important to giving us individuality and purpose. Goals can be personal, social, political…anything that you find important to you and your life. Goals are individual to you and your needs, wishes, desires and dreams, and so, YOU drive what they should be.
  3. Boosting self-esteem: Without goals, we don’t have accomplishments. Every time you set a goal and reach it, you prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving what you set out to achieve. This results in a natural boost to our self-esteem and a deeper belief in oneself.
  4. Positive reinforcement: When we accomplish our goals, we reinforce our belief in ourselves to set and accomplish new ones. This helps to muffle negativity, doubt and fear, making a way for a “can do” attitude that helps us continue to strive.
  5. To reach our full potential: Goals enable us to move beyond our comfort zone and become the best we can be. They allow us to take on new and exciting challenges and help us grow as individuals.

Article by Brett Blumenthal of Sheer Balance. Check out the original article: 5 reasons to set a goal today


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