Happy November!

1 11 2009

turkeyIt’s November 1, and you know what that means…My goals this month are:

  • Get a piece accepted by a national glossy
  • Get two assignments from websites and/or magazines
  • Get at least three copywriting clients
  • Make fcg more fabulous (hey ya’ll!)
  • Seriously work on my ebook
  • Make G.I.R.L. (Girls Inspired to Reach high in Life) more awesome-r
  • Work out at least three days a week

Wish me luck people!! And feel free to share your goals, too!




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4 responses

2 11 2009
Tildet Schoenbrot

Thanks for your post! No matter how simple or how complicated our goals are, it is important that we know how to create effective goals for us to able to make a plan of action steps to stick with. I believe that writing down each goal can help us organize them and better motivate us to work toward achieving them.


2 11 2009
Jamie Fleming

You are so right! And thank you for commenting!

3 11 2009

Great goals girl! I am sure that you will make them with no problem! :o)

4 11 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thanks for the encouragement, hon!

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