Afro City

26 10 2009

afrocity girls

Described as ‘Sex in the City’ meets ‘Girlfriends’, Afro City is a webisode series scheduled to hit the Web this fall. The show, created by singer and actress Rhonda Ray, is about Jazzman Love, a singer, and her three best friends/back-up singers. Afro City follows the women as they share their lives, setbacks and voices while navigating the city of Los Angeles.

 Having been natural for about eight years, Ray created “Afro City” to show the world that African-American women are beautiful with their natural Afro hair without conforming to society’s standard of beauty.

“I wanted to bring beautiful images and lifestyles to the screen that people aren’t use to seeing everyday in the media,” Ray says. “’Afro City’ is a place where art, music, fashion and friends meet.”

The introductory trailer is currently available, and Ray says the response has been great so far. They have shot the first season which consists of 10 mini episodes, and another season could be in the works if there are enough funds and sponsors.

Ray would ultimately love to develop the show into a series for network or cable TV like “Sex in the City.” She’s also working on a one-woman show about natural hair.

“I can’t wait to bring that project to local stages,” she says. “If I could one day bring it to a Broadway stage, that would be awesome.”

Check out the “Afro City” trailer at






2 responses

1 11 2009
Aliya S. King

I wanna be on AfroCity! Except I still have a TWA. Not a big wild ‘Fro like these girlz. Sigh. *waits for hair to grow*

1 11 2009
Jamie Fleming

Your TWA is cute, though! Maybe you could be an extra…

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