Want to turn your side hustle into your dream career? It’s possible!

9 10 2009

I was looking through some old magazines (probably cause I was bored in the car) and came across an Essence article from November 2006 (old right?). It’s called 10 Ways to lauch your dream career, and it’s all about how to take your side gig to the next level. I thought I’d share in case anyone is interested.

making clothes

 Create a plan. Before quitting your job, come up with an exit plan. Figure out the goals you need to accomplish before you can quit; for instance, maybe you need to be making a certain amount of money or have a certain number of clients. Write down the steps needed to accomplish them, and also give yourself a timeline for completing them.

Change your priorities. Instead of seeing your side hustle as your gig on the side, see your regular job as the gig on the side. Just make sure you continuously do well so you aren’t shown the pink slip before you’re prepared to leave.

 Let vacation time pay. Instead of using vacation time for well, vacation, how about using it to meet with potential clients?

 Increase the hours in your day. If you feel there isn’t enough time to work at your job and side gig, consider being a night owl or early bird. You can use the time for buying merchandise, perfecting the business plan or do more research.

 Get some outside help. Before hiring someone, however, get suggestions from trusted people because you’ll want an employee that’s honest and reliable.

Use the knowledge you have. Know that the things you learn at your 9-to-5 can help you understand prospective clients and competitors.

 Give freely to create some buzz. If you get a steady paycheck, you can probably afford to get exposure by giving away freebies. (People love free stuff!)

 Pay yourself last. If you have the convenience of a regular paycheck from your job, put the profit from the business back into it. Use it to make marketing material and purchase supplies; put the rest in the bank.

Swap your hustle. For instance, if you’re an administrative assistant and want to go into catering, you can make the catering full-time and do office work part-time or temporarily.

Happy hustling!

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