Do you know the benefits of good copy?

17 09 2009

A lot of times, business owners debate whether they should write their own copy or hire someone professional to take care of it.

Whether you write your own or not, your words are a reflection of your business, and your copy should be well-written to convey your business’ message and its quality.

What are some benefits of good copy?

  • Your business, product, etc. will stand out among others.
  • Good copy will assist you in gaining an instant connection with potential customers or clients.
  • It will clearly tell potential customers/clients the advantages of selecting your product or service.
  • Good copy will also promote customer loyalty- your customer will feel she/he has made a good choice in selecting your business.

On the other hand, bad copy can:

  • Be unsuccessful in getting you noticed.
  • Hurt your image by making you appear unprofessional.
  • Make your competition look better and cause you to lose money.

As a freelance copywriter, I can help you make sure your copy works to your advantage. I specialize in writing copy for press releases, articles, blogs, brochures and more.

I also have free articles on my website ( about writing for your business. Additionally, I have a $150 special offer going on until September 26; see my website for more details and samples.

You can reach me at or (706) 436.7982. I hope to hear from you!




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