Dealing with negative Nias & Neds

24 08 2009


I write a lot about being positive and staying around positive people. But what do you do when you are surrounded by negativity but not necessarily by choice?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I can’t really say it’s not by choice because I suppose I choose to go around these people (kind of because I feel a sort of have to, especially when it comes to family and whatnot), but how do you block the negativity and energy vampires if you have to be around them?

For instance, I tend to be around people who seem to have no or little ambition, lazy, depressed, just letting life control them instead of them controlling their lives. It sometimes makes me feel…blah. 

So, I looked for some tips online and found an article called How to Deal with Negative People by Catherine Pratt. Hopefully these tips will help you liked they helped me. (P.S.- This is an excerpt).

 Try to figure out where the negativity is coming from. If you can understand where it’s coming from, it’s easier to deal with.

 Just smile and (try to) stay completely detached. Whenever the negative rants begin, merely smile and say nothing; don’t get involved, and leave the room if possible. Remember: it’s the emotions that these people trigger that you have to detach yourself from.

Try saying, ‘Now tell me something positive.’ Immediately after someone has finished telling you their depressing story, ask them to tell you a positive story. Why? Because a lot of times people really don’t know how negative they’ve become- they’re surrounded by it daily so it’s probably become their way of life.

Picture a bright white light around you. Really, this works- I do it a lot. You’ll feel like a person’s negativity can’t affect you because you have a ‘force field’ shielding you.

 Ask yourself if the negativity is a sign. Pratt says that the ‘universe’ uses negative people to prompt her into focusing more on her dream instead of getting stuck in a comfortable routine that isn’t getting her anywhere.

 Also ask yourself, ‘What does it say about me?’ Negative people want to get a reaction from you, but they can only do that if they push one of your ‘buttons.’ So if it’s one person in particular who drains you the most, ask yourself why it’s affecting you so much.

See if you’re trying to feel needed. Listening to the complaints of a negative person could be your way of feeling appreciated. If this is true, you have to start appreciating yourself more and you’ll find that it probably won’t occur any longer. Also, be careful about who you help and how you help them. Just listening to negative stories all the time doesn’t help anyone.

Try saying, ‘I love you, thank you, I’m sorry.’ Here’s an article about how a doctor healed a mental institution by saying these words. Check it out.

Realize it’s not your fault. You might feel like you have to solve the problems of the energy drainer, but you have to keep in mind that you’re not responsible for the person’s life or his/her negativity. Let go of the idea that you owe everyone answers to their issues.

Be enthusiastic and focus on your own energy. If you can have a higher energy than they have, your energy will more than likely begin to rub off on those around you instead of the other way around.

Check out the entire article here

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30 08 2009

Ummm, I left a comment on this, where did it go? Hmmm… maybe it is because I am on a different computer? Well, anyhow in case the comment has just vanished into thin air… I thought that this was an excellent post! Right on time! 🙂

1 09 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thanks lol. And sorry your comment was lost

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