Introducing…The Public Speaker

19 08 2009

I recently interviewed my friend and up-and-coming rapper, E. He is releasing his first album/mixtape, “The Public Speaker” on Sept. 18. Check out his music at

Who is Eazy Little?e- public speaker
Well, my real name is Emmanuel Little, and “Eazy” is a nickname that was given to me in college, presumably because of my easygoing/laid-back nature. I’m a 24-yr-old grad student from Macon, GA still trying to ultimately figure out my purpose in life.

 I’ve only been rapping for maybe three years or so now.I started off writing poetry, and it really just became a natural progression for me to try it with beats. I think I’m pretty good now and getting better at it, so chances are two years from now, I’ll be twice the artist I am today (be very afraid, rappers!). 

 What else? Let’s see: I’m also married, a preacher’s son (not all of us are that bad), grew up in the church – and I think that background has really shaped my outlook and approach to life, which ultimately comes through in the lyrics I think.

How did you gain your love of music?
Wooow….that’s a good question. I guess it began once I started college. Before then, all I really knew musically was what I heard on the radio, so my view was very skewed. When I arrived in college, I started expanding a little bit, started hearing about some GREAT artists whose music I’d never heard before, and really, one thing led to another. I think I spent the majority of my four years in undergrad searching for new music and catching up on old classics that I missed out on! It’s like the more music I discover, the more I get pulled in; it’s an addiction really.

What inspired you to create an album?
Well, honestly a number of things inspired me. I think a better question would be what didn’t inspire me, lol!

 Some of it may have to do with the current state of the music industry; not many artists are making the type of music I’d wanna listen to 10-20 years from now; but rather than sit around and complain, I said “hold up—I can rap too! Why don’t I just make that music myself?” Really though, up until recently, I rapped only recreationally, but my desire to do this on a more serious level continued to grow, almost like it’s a fire inside me. So I figured I needed to use my talent to the best of my ability and see what happens. When you have a passion for something, you owe it to yourself, God, and the lives you could potentially touch to see that passion through! So here we are.

Also, the album/mixtape is called “The Public Speaker”. Technically it’s a mixtape I guess, but form/style-wise it’s closer to an album. I got the concept based off the notion that whenever you grab a microphone and release your voice to be heard, you are a public speaker. So my thing is, I plan to make each of my words count and hopefully leave my audience with something they can really appreciate.
Did your feelings about today’s music influence your album? How so?
Yeah somewhat, not only because of the frustration I mentioned earlier, but also because of the good things about the industry, too. Despite the garbage, there’s also a lot of good stuff out there too, many of which have been released by unsigned artists in similar situations as myself. So that kinda made me realize that even though I might not have access to the same tools that many successful artists have–in-house producers, studio, promo team, MONEY etc. – that’s not an excuse. All I really need is my voice & this pen, and I’m good. God can do the rest.

What kind of songs/beats/music can listeners expect?
I’m giving you “me” on this album. I know it sounds cliché, but this is the type of music I want to make, at least with the resources I have. Storytelling has always been one of the most compelling aspects of music to me, and I’d like to think that each song has its own story told from my personal point of view. You won’t hear me talking about toting guns or none of that, but you might hear me say something like “Sometimes, I wanna get away from this life/No suicide, I’m saying just escape for a night/When school and the 9-to-5 keep on clashin’/I’m a slave to the job just to get my Master’s” – that’s real to me.

 Let me just say as well that people tend to lump this type of music into the “conscious rap” arena, but what is that exactly? We’re all influenced by our environment, and those influences often show in the music so technically aren’t we all conscious artists? What’s an “unconcious” artist, for that matter? Anyway, it’s just really personal stuff about the things I’m going through at the time when the song was written, and hopefully that will resonate with people. Not to say that the whole project is filled with nothing but “deep” songs though–I definitely have some feel-good joints on there too. Production-wise, I reached out to several producers on the ‘net for the soulful sound that I was going for on this album/mixtape. Except for maybe a couple of songs, all of the beats are original as well – I really approached this like I was crafting an album, so the experience should be fresh. I gotta give a big shout-out to all the producers; they will be listed on the project as well.

What do you hope listeners take away from the album?
That I’m a pretty good artist (LOL)!  Nah but besides that, I really hope that whoever listens feels like they have a better idea of who I am and can relate to the lyrics. My favorite rappers were never the ones that can give you a myriad of punchlines or aggressive flows, but rather those that made a connection and made you go, “Wow, that’s the exact same way I feel and he was actually able to put it into words!” To me, that’s what separates a great rapper from a merely good one if you can encapsulate your own experience, and it hits home for someone else. That’s the feeling I’m trying to create b/c ultimately that’s the type of art that stands the test of time. My goal is not to impress, but to express through music. Hopefully that expression makes a lasting impression.

When can we get the album and where?
I plan on releasing it for FREE download on Friday, September 18th…you can get it from I’ll also post it via twitter ( – follow me!) and facebook ( Keep checkin’ those sites even now for updates and new songs though. Hopefully if people like it they’ll spread it far & wide.I guess the fans will have to be my “grassroots street team”!

Any future plans with music?
Most definitely. I’m almost always writing songs & verses whenever the feeling hits me, I’ll create. After I’ve accomplished my goal with this project, I’ll move on to another one, and continue progressing as an artist. Music is my passion, so I plan on continuing to create until I feel there’s nothing left. And judging from how many different concepts/lyrics go through my head on a daily basis, that’ll be no time soon.




10 responses

20 08 2009

Thanks for the love! Those were some good questions too….keep doing what you do.

24 08 2009
Jamie Fleming

No problem, E! You deserve it, and you keeping doing what you do, too! lol

20 08 2009

Hey Jamie, this was a GREAT interview! I loved reading it. I like when he was talking about the conscious rap – I think that the difference is just that one talks more about what is really going on in life and the world whereas the other stuff is just all “bling, bling – cash – chicks and such. It was a really great post though. I will look him up on Twitter! 🙂

24 08 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thanks, Autumn. Definitely look him up. Not only is he a great rapper, he’s good people, too!

20 08 2009

Yo Yo Yo….I’ve been down with Eazy for 10 years. His last record company was trippin…wanting him to do some ringtone rap ish!…Im glad he’s staying true. GO GO GO. Great interview.

20 08 2009
Big Black(Brandon)

Dope interview, I know the music will be tight, and its time kill these wack ni#%as in rap right now! I want the real BROTHERS, y’all can have the real NI&*AS!! Shout to J, this is kinda fly!

20 08 2009
Macon McGinley

Love this interview. Emmanuel is such an amazing guy. Great job profiling one of MSCM’s own, girl!

24 08 2009
Jamie Fleming

I’m glad you enjoyed it, Macon. Go MSCM!

21 08 2009

Both Jamie and E’s hustles are inspiring. Keep doing what God created you to do and don’t stop til you reach your destination!

24 08 2009
Jamie Fleming

‘Preciate that, best friend. And you keep doing the comedy because clearly that’s what you were created to do!

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