I need to get my life organized!

7 08 2009

So this week has been kind of crazy, and I kind of feel like it’s been unproductive. Ok, not entirely unproductive, but I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to. 

Anyway, since this has happened more than I’ve liked, I found a few tips on zenhabits.net (great site!). So here goes.

Picking a day to put get everything in order- a ‘Life Laundry Day’- is a good method of organizing things in your life, getting your mind clear, and making you feel brand spanking new.

How do you do it? Choose one day every week or month, (figure out what works for you) to put things in order. Create a list of all you have to do (that morning or the night before- I’d say the night before), and try to get everything done- or as much as you can.

You can do everything as it comes in daily (like taking care of a bill when it comes in, clean as you go, etc.) and that’s usually the best way to do it. Sometimes, however, things do “slip between the cracks” and you might not have time do everything you want or need- and “that’s why we all need a Life Laundry Day now and then”.

Some things to consider taking on during your Life Laundry Day:

Finances. Make or revise a list of your debts, go over your plan to pay them and make a payment if you can. Do the same thing with your bills and additional expenses. You can revise your spending plan as well.

 Paperwork. You should have an inbox at home, and another at work, for all the papers you receive. The article suggests that you clear out the inboxes every day, dealing with each paper until your inboxes are clear. If there is paperwork during your Life Laundry Day, deal with the inbox and empty it.

Errands. Instead of running errands daily, the author suggests doing them one day a week. It’s best if your errands fit in with your Life Laundry Day because it’s a good idea to take care of everything at one time.

 Clutter. If you have time, a Life Laundry Day,is a fabulous time to declutter- at least a little. Clear the clutter out of anything and everything you can get your hands on. Place all the stuff you don’t need in bags and boxes, and donate or recycle them.

 Check out other tips here.

Source: zenhabits.net




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