Meditation 101

3 08 2009

As you’ve probably seen on my post the other day, one of my personal goals for this month is to start meditating. You might be wondering what, exactly, mediation is- well, according to an article, Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Quieting the Mind on, meditation is the art of focusing 100 percent of your attention in one area.

Benefits of meditating include “concentration, less anxiety and a general feeling of happiness.” Since I’m starting my journey of meditating & being peaceful, I found some tips for us (in case you want to try it, too):

Make it a formal practice. You can improve your meditation by allotting certain amounts of time to be still (twice a day is good, probably when you wake up and when you go to bed).

Start with your breath. Breathing deep slows your heart rate, relaxes your muscles, focuses the mind and is one of the best ways to begin meditating.

Meditate with purpose. It might be hard to understand as a beginner, but meditation is an active technique. Concentrating your attention to a sole point is difficult, so you have to be “purposefully engaged.”

Commit for the long haul. Meditation is a life-long practice, and you’ll gain the most from it by not scrutinizing the outcome of your daily practice. Do the best you can daily, and then let it go.

Try using a candle. Meditating with eyes closed can be a hard for us beginners. Lighting a candle and using it as your point of focus helps you improve your concentration with a visual symbol, which can be effective.

Don’t stress. This is probably the most valuable tip for beginners, and the hardest to put into practice. Regardless of what happens when you meditate, do not stress Meditation is what it is- just do the best you can at the time. 

You can check out the other tips here




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