Blank piece of paper

1 08 2009

As you all know, today is the beginning of a new month! And I was thinking this evening that new months (or new days, seasons…) are like blank sheets of paper. We can draw, write and doodle whatever we want- or at least try- I know, this sounds kinda cheesy, but it’s true.

Anyway, that’s not really the point of this post. I’m here to talk about me, of course, being that it’s the first of the month. Ya’ll know that’s when I talk about all that awesomeness I’m going to accomplish the intentions I have. So here goes… 

I intend to get into a national magazine by 9.2009 & get 2 magazine & website article assignments!

I intend to:

  • Send 3-5 queries a week.
  • Devote a few hours a week to brainstorming and developing fabulous ideas; looking for new markets & writers’ guidelines; sending LOIs; sending emails to newspapers (that appear to use contributors).
  • Connect with other writers/magazine publishers.
  • Write two ‘Live Your Best Life’ columns & promote.

 I intend to obtain lots of clients for business writing!

I will:

  • Spend at least an hour every day networking and connecting with people via ISC, Twitter, Sistapreneurs, Facebook.
  • Look up ways of promoting & promote
  • Take packages to businesses in Hartwell, Anderson & cold calls.
  • Look for writing jobs on FWG, JJ, MB, etc. & email other businesses.

I intend to have more readers & subscribers for ‘for colored gurls’!

I intend to:

  • Find and write about two more Successful Sistas (for August).
  • Promote blog.
  • Submit blogs to other sites & get active on BlogHer!
  • Interview guy from ISC.
  • Work on getting writing assignments from fcg.

My personal goals are:

  • Have a successful G.I.R.L. meeting & successfully ‘launch’ Girls Inspired’ Mag.
  • Work out 3 days a week.
  • Go out, have more fun and do something new (any suggestions?).
  • Start meditating daily.

That’s about it. Do you have any specific goals this month?




2 responses

3 08 2009
Gem Avery

Just had to commend you on this post!! You write great stuff, but this one really hit close to home. I am constantly writing tasks and logging contacts and yadda yadda yet it seems that I never get “on target”. I recently ordered a great contact manager and although entering all the info manually is going be be (well beyond) a task that lasts until the end of this year, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as of August 1st!! Fab post, Jamie!! Fab. I’m about to Tweet the link 🙂 Hugz, gem

3 08 2009
Jamie Fleming

Thanks, Gem for your compliments! I wish you much success in your career and in everything else…And thanks for the Twitter luv. ^_^

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