Four ways to love your uncovered body

28 07 2009

I’ve written a lot on here about loving yourself and who you are, and that includes loving your body, which I’ve written about as well.

But I was looking for something to write about last night in Beautylicious: The Black Girl’s Guide to the Fabulous Life, and I came across a part of the book called Nude Ambitions,  in which Jenyne M. Raines discusses ways to love your body- naked. And they are:

kinda nude woman

Get comfortable with yourself. Look at your body in a mirror, but look at it lovingly. Of course, when you first start looking at it, you’ll probably have some negative thoughts, but turn those around and find something positive about every single part.

Discover what makes you sexy. For example, if your butt is one of your favorite features, Raines suggests playing around with that part and coming up with some poses that you think highlight you.

Adjust your mind-set. Always, always, always, think of yourself as the hottest thing smokin’ (even if you don’t really think so). Why?  It’s about perception and faking it ’til you make it. If you think you’re the ish, then you’re the ish.

Quit comparing yourself to other women.I cannot stress this enough (although I have problems with this at times). Realize what makes you special. And as I always say, you are your only competition, not your bff, sister or Beyonce. No one is perfect (not even Beyonce), and know one should even try to be. On the other hand, you can do things so you can feel and look absolutely fabulous like working out, getting your hair did- whatever makes you feel good.

What are some ways you’ve learned to love you in the nude?

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One response

30 07 2009

Girl! I LOVE this post. I am totally like that. Love myself even with my flaws! I love the part about posing (hahahaha)! Also, not to be mean, but I am so over Beyonce being the standard for beauty. I mean, yes, she is beautiful, but so are all the rest of us! Geeesh! Sorry, but that sort of strikes a cord with me. Anyhow, live beautifully girl! :o) Love ya!

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