Tips for getting a better night’s sleep

15 07 2009


 With the economy and the stresses of everyday life, it can be hard to get a good night of zzzz’s. but not getting enough sleep can play a part in insomnia, which can cause major health issues.

However, there are ways to get rid of disturbances by making your room a serene place to unwind and to sleep. Here are some five ideas (from Yahoo’s Shine):

  1.  Take the TV out. Watching TV in bed hinders good sleep, so think about moving the TV to a more common area or turn it off before winding down for the night.
  2.  Consider moving your computer to another room, too. Taking away the stress and worry of work or Facebook messages from where you should be relaxing and sleeping.
  3.  Get rid of extra noise. Noise can keep you up at night, so be sure that rooms near yours don’t have stereos, TVs or other loud electronics.
  4.  Keep out the light. You can do this by choosing light-blocking window treatments, using a sleep mask or (don’t laugh) putting a blanket/sheet over your window. However, if you need a little light to sleep at ease, add a couple of nightlights or dimmer switch.
  5.  Get organized. Organize your closets and drawers and put your clothes and other things where they belong. A disorganized, messy room is stressful to your mind, which can also reduce your sleep.

 Check out five more tips here.

Buenos noches, chicas!

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