Finding your Dream Career

8 07 2009


As you know, I’m a firm believer in loving what you do and doing what you love, especially when it comes to your career. Since you don’t want to be like the woman up there, I decided to find you some tips to help you out if you’re not sure what direction to take.

First, figure out what you love doing and identify your strengths. It might be a little difficult initially, but you can start by eliminating things you don’t like doing. For example, I’m not fond of math or science, so a career in nursing or mathe education wouldn’t really work for me. Also, it’s important to do what you want, not what society or your family thinks you should do.

When you’re really passionate about where you’re headed, your energy and passion will attract the resources and people you need to discover your dream job. Also think about what you’re good at since we’re all naturally talented in specific areas. When you figure this out, you’ll be more confident in selling and promoting yourself.

Next, think about what will make you excited and what career/work will make you eager to get up in the morning and ready for work. Trust the response you get and go with it! And believe me, you will have naysayers and Negative Nias who will tell you that you can’t do it or that you’re crazy, so you absolutely have to learn how to block them out and keep on keeping on.

Because of this negativity, it’s valuable to have positive people around you that believe in you. In addition to family and friends, you can find a mentor or hire a professional coach to help. As you know, I’m a huge fan of reading inspirational books, and this helps as well.

Networking is also very important when searching for your dream job. You can network in a number of ways like joining a professional organization in your field, social networking sites (of course) and letting everyone know what you’re doing. When networking, be able to express your goals and what you can offer in 30-seconds- you never know who will ask and this will come in handy.

Finally, set goals and get organized. One way to make sure you reach your goals is to tell someone (or tell everyone like I do!). That way, you’ll be held accountable for what you said you’d do. Also, create a tracking method with tangible goals including when you want/need to get your job (set a deadline) and establish the steps you’ll take to make it happen.

What are you doing to get your dream career? I want to know, so leave me a comment!

Source: Top 5 Tips to Finding Your Dream Job in your 20s.




One response

8 07 2009

Excellent post! I myself am struggling with what exactly I would like to do after I leave college. I am interning this summer and finding out that I really need to look at other fields before I can be satisfied with choosing. I also decided that I will be returning to school after I graduate (currently a senior) with a marketing degree, in order to get a masters for creative writing. I think that these are relatable and open up a variety of career options for me. I’ve learned that it is possible to make your degrees diverse in order to broader your career horizon. Mixing and matching majors and minors can really help you be desirable to a wide range of employers.

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