No comparison

5 07 2009

So, I have a small issue sometimes. I look at other successful people around me, and get, well a little envious. For instance,   there’s this one freelance writer/blogger that I really admire. She writes about herself being a writer and other writers- and all are pretty successful. Since I’m not where I want to be when it comes to my career, I sometimes feel a little envious because I’m not there yet.

I know, things like this take time. And I know it should take time because like Kimora says in her book:

“If success takes a long time, and takes a lot of persistence and effort to happen, you’re lucky. Because if you get success too fast, you blow up to soon. You’re the flavor of the month, everyone wants you, and you don’t have the know-how and expertise to deal with all the projects you get. Slow and steady sets you up for a longer career.”

Most of the people I want to be like have been writing or have been in their careers for years, and I haven’t. I guess it should be obvious to me that if it took them years to get where they are, then it’s going to take me years, too. Probably. And it’s going to take mucho, mucho work, determination and perseverance.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is I have to work harder to get where I want to be, and like the Amy Dubois Barnett says, I’ll learn from others’ successes and failures, but I’ll do me- and get there!

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2 responses

6 07 2009

I used to deal with this on a very heavy scale and i still do. I had to chuckle because I just was thinking about it yesterday so this post was like reading my own previous thoughts. I would say, if I may…that in 29 years of living that I have learned that you truly cannot compare yourself to others. We all have our own path and purpose to live and it is ours all alone. I cannot tell you how many things that I thought I would have obtained by now my dear, but all that matters is that I wake up everyday and no matter how I feel, I still live and strive for better even if it is just in my thoughts. I know some people’s paths seem so glossy and great, but all success is not overnight for us all and honestly, some success it not at all the kind that I would ever even want. I am truly thankful that I have experienced some of the things that I have so that I can write on a deeper level.

For example, I started a book, that summer that I spoke of in “Death of the Material Girl.” I did not finish, I just couldn’t get it down the way that I wanted. Well, it never left me, but I had to walk away from it for a while. This weekend I was reading some of the pages of the prologue and I was really feeling it and I am picking it back up because I know that now I can write it on a much deeper level, which is what really matters. However, without time and God’s leading…I could not have been able to find that deeper level.

I really think that you are a talented girl and that your dreams will happen for you if you don’t give up. Your blog inspires me to be more on my stuff and to set a time limit for trying to get my goals done again instead of just saying “one day.” So, I must say Thanks Chica! :o) Just don’t look to the right or left but rather up to God and he will show you the path that you are to travel. Even if it does not always happen the way or as quickly as you think that it should, just know that if it is meant that it will happen in the time that it is meant. Just keep the faith and open your heart to embrace the knowledge that comes along the way! :o) I mean really, had I not experience some of this myself, I could not pass it on to you and times like these will give you something to pass along to someone else who is feeling just the same! I truly believe that is one of the reasons why God gives us trials. So that we can help others through what we have already been through. Good Luck girl, and stay up! Hope this helps :o)

Love ya,

6 07 2009

Ummmm…those were supposed to be smiley faces…I am not quite sure what those are. lol.

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