Flyy Fridays: Nappy Heads

12 06 2009

Yesterday I wrote a post about why I went natural. Now, I’m going to tell you why I decided to loc my hair. It’s short and sweet. And what I previously posted on MySpace:

I was [and am] starting to feel myself transitioning into the “best” me- I have better, more positive relationships now, I’m learning to not let fear of what people say/think and just fear in general run my life. And I’m just trying to work on myself in all aspects of my life. I’m finally just living my life the way I want to. So I decided that since, to me, hair symbolizes [to a degree] who I am, locs are a way for me to symbolize the growth and changes in my life.

Since I’m writing all this stuff about hair, I decided to make Flyy Fridays about women who wear their hair happily nappy and proud!  I just love to see women with big, kinky afros or locs.  It just screams ‘self-confidence’, ‘pride’, ‘diva’ and ‘fabulosity’ to me.


                                    dee nappturality

Dee, Creator of

jill fro

dreads 2

dreads before after

Photos from:,,




2 responses

12 06 2009

Dude, love the hair! I wish that I had the courage to go natural, but I am so addicted to straight hair. If it was to be natural I would want it to be all curly and I don’t know if it would pan out like that. :o( I don’t know, relaxers can be a pain though. Honestly, my hair is in a ponytail half of the time. lol. But, I do love your hair. It is cute and it suits you well. :o)

18 06 2009
Reinventing You «

[…] recent reinvention started last year. If you’ve read my post from last week [you can read it here], you’ll know that I started my locs as a symbol of changes/growth in my life. I’ve […]

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