Flyy Fridays: 10 Summer Fashion Rules to Unfollow

29 05 2009

I know, I’m sooo late with this, and I totally stole this idea from Shine from Yahoo! [thanks!]

Anyway, so, although it’s not technically the beginning of summer, it’s the beginning of summer. Or it sure feels like it in GA. Anywhoo, I’m sure you’ve all heard the fashion faux pas of summer time, but this article disputes them.

Myth 1: No white after Labor Day

Myth 2: Suede is only good in winter.

Myth 3: Gold and silver do not belong together.

Myth 4: You can’t wear black to a summer wedding –> I know I plan to!

Myth 5: Patent leather is not to be worn year round.

Myth 6: Wedges are not acceptable dress shoes.

Myth 7: Tan is sexier than pale.

Myth 8: Shorts must always be casual

Myth 9: Your bag and shoes must match

Myth 10: Thou shalt not wear wool in the summer

Read what Shine staff writer, Jennifer Romilini has to say about the myths here




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