*sigh* my so-called career

16 05 2009

So, I’ve decided I should write a little more about my personal stuff in here. Don’t get it twisted though, there will be no wild sex stories or anything like that- sorry…

…anyway, as you all know, I am still aspiring to make full-time money freelancing. And while it’s obviously not easy, I feel like I’m not doing enough to make sure I get there. I mean, yeah I send queries [a few], I send [a few] emails and I attempt to network, but I think I can do much better

So why don’t I? I think it’s part me being afraid that I can’t actually do it. I mean, I know I can, but sometimes, I’m afraid I won’t. Does that make sense?

I could sit here all day and come up with 101 reasons why I’m scared, or I can just say ‘eff it’ and do what I need to do. With that said, tomorrow is a new day, the beginning of another week, a fresh start…let’s get to it!

That’s not to say I haven’t done anything. Let’s week I:

  • Started posted on Absolute Write again.
  • Joined the Freelance Writing Jobs social networking site.
  • Posted in here, of course.
  • Sent queries to magazines and emails to businesses.
  • Got one assignment.
  • Looked on Freelance Writing Gigs and Demand Studios for jobs.
  • Updated my website- mochawriter.com and blog.

I’ll keep you posted on next week’s progress.

Ciao bellas!




One response

16 05 2009

You should throw your resume up on http://www.jobbam.com and see what happens.

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