Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month: Kimora

11 05 2009

In honor of Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month, ths month I’ll write about a successful Asian and/or Pacific American woman.

Contributing PhotographerWho she is: President and Creative Director of Phat Fashions, designer, model and author.

Brief bio: Kimora was born in St. Louis in 1975 and began her modeling career at the tender age of thirteen. She was handpicked by fashion icon Karl Lagerfield to model for the house of Chanel in Paris.

The lessons she got as a model gave her the fabulous style sense she has today and boosted her career as a fashion designer.

According to her website, Kimora is the only multiethnic woman to have a successful fashion line; additionally she has her own diamond covered cell phone, jewelry collection, cosmetics and fragrances. She has also headed several brand expansion ventures with companies like Mattel and Motorola.

On the small and big screen, she’s appeared on America’s Next Top Model as a judge, had her own show on the Style Network, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane and was in Queen Latifah’s film, Beauty Shop. She is also the author of one of my favorite books, Fabulosity: What it is and How to Get It.





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