Finding your way in the dark [by Alex Brown]

4 04 2009

My former mentor at my alma mater, GCSU, wrote this note on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. I just wanted to share it ’cause it’s so true:

“Finding Your Way In the Dark”….by Alex L. Brown

How many times have you walked into a dark room with your hands out, reaching to find the light switch? You probably stumbled over a few things, banged your foot, and broke a couple of items along the way. If you have never experienced this, take the time to blindfold yourself and try to walk around your house with no help. In actuality this is exactly what many of us are doing everyday. If you are not working towards a defined purpose and a desired goal, then you are aimlessly wandering around every morning when you open your eyes. Without a blueprint of what you want to fulfill in your life, time is just passing you by. I know you have heard an older individual say, “I wish I would have started when I was younger.” Well, you have the opportunity to start right now. All of us have some dark areas in our lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to remain in darkness.

You turn on the light in your life by working to fulfill what God has already predestined for your life. No matter who or where you are, we are all a “work in process.” We are all incomplete and we need to build strong foundations in order to have generational success. The deeper the roots of the tree, the taller the tree can grow and eventually bear fruit. The same goes for you and I. Begin to plant good seeds in your own life and years from now you will reap the harvest of what you have sown for many years. If these words have not pushed you to take action, take the time to ask those aged older than yourself what they wish they had accomplished in their younger years. I encourage you to Confess your Success and God will Bless.
~by Alex L. Brown




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