It’s 100, baby

1 04 2009

celebration6_2Wow, I can’t believe how time flies- this is my 100th post! And to think, I started this blog last September. And stopped. And started again.

Anyway, I figured I would use this post to acknowledge everyone who has made this blog possible- consider this my acceptance speech lol. Ok, here goes:

My readers/viewers. Few as they may be [I don’t really know the exact number], without you, this blog would probably be pointless. Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and kind words I’ve received.

The web. For without you, I would either have nothing to write about, or I wouldn’t have a simple way to research information. I mean, I guess I could go to the library, but being a Gen Yer, that would just be too much…

My successful sistas. Without you, there would be no ‘Successful Sista’ categories. You inspire me to always keep going and to never give up on what I want in life. Hopefully, through this blog, you inspire other women to do the same.

Fellow bloggers. Through other blogs, I get ideas and inspiration. Keep it up!

Oh yeah, God, of course, who made me possible. And my parents, friends, boyfriend, professors and anyone else who has contributed positively to my life. If I forgot you, I apologize; thank you though!




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