Is having any job better than nothing?

29 03 2009

So, I’ve been working at the shelter for about 9 months now, and let’s just say I’m ready to move on.  I applied for the job because I had to complete an internship to graduate- and because I had interned there the summer before. I mean it’s a cool job [for the most part] because:

A. I don’t really do too much of anything [except answer the crisis lines and respond to other personal drama from the residents]

B. I don’t have to work there everyday [except I have worked at the shelter and/or the thrift store for the past 5 days…and don’t get me started on working at the thrift store].

So, what’s the big deal, right? Why don’t I like working there? Well, as much as I hate to say it…I’m not passionate about it. I mean, maybe if I worked in DV in another area, maybe I would like it…but the whole spending the night thing [even though I get to sleep], being w/out any co-workers, not doing what I really, really love, and for the past month, having to drive 2 hours round trip is taking a toll on me…

Thankfully, I will be leaving in June and will [I’m detemined] be making more money writing…and not living in Hartwell with the ‘rents. I’m really excited, and I can’t wait…2 more months. But while I still work at the shelter, I will try to find some reason[s] to be happy and appreciative about being there: I mean, I am making some money, most of the time I can write while I’m there, I can surf the web and the residents are pretty cool [most of the time].




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1 04 2009

Sometimes we have to wait a little to be able to pursue our passions. And it’s so frustrating sometimes.
Great site!

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