Community leaders hope Blackwell is supported at court

15 03 2009

Jimmy Lee Blackwell will go to court on April 2 to “enter pleas to charges against him.” Community leaders desire that his supporters attend dressed in all black.

John C. Barnette, an North Carolina-based activist who has been to rallies supporting Blackwell, says it will be a sign of black unity. He said it will also illustrate the Black community’s outrage at the decision not to press charges against Hartwell police officers.

“We’re disappointed that there want be any charges against these officers,” Barnett said in the Independent Mail. He, and others, believe there should be another investigation.

Attorney Victor Long, Blackwell’s lawyer, has been in contact with the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Long asked him to prepare a letter that is to be included in a request to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

The purpose of the letter is to ask for a federal investigation to determine if the incident occuring on Feb. 16  involved any violations of Blackwell’s civil rights.

Long intends to file a lawsuit in federal court in Athens, GA on behalf of Blackwell under section 1983 of the federal civil rights code which handles the lack of civil rights.

Hartwell also plans to incorporate a new chapter of the SCLC. Hakim Primus, national director of the SCLC and that the organization is proud to stand with Blackwell.

“We stand determined to see justice done for Jimmy Lee Blackwell against police brutality in Hartwell and against police brutality anywhere,” Primus said.

Source: Independent Mail [Blackwell supporters to request federal investigation].




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