Officer faces no criminal charges in the case of the beaten Hartwell man

14 03 2009

According to the Anderson Independent Mail, no Hartwell police officers will face criminal charges for the harm done to Jimmy Lee Blackwell, who suffered broken facial bones and lost an eye during his arrest on February 16.

However, a hearing will be held soon in Hart County Magistrate Court. The hearing will decide if the police officers had enough reason to arrest Blackwell.

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2 responses

15 03 2009
Carlton Worthen

I pray that this unGodly atrocity does not go unnoticed. We must not lose sight of the bigger point. The bigger point is that if we as a people (Human Race) do not continue to check immoral, criminal, and corrupt authority those who are in authority will continue to trample upon the people who may not have the financial resources and or contacts to speak up and speak out.

We must ACT and ACT now to these cowardly acts purpotrated against Mr. Blackwell. Lets insist that all of those who have a hand in Mr. Blackwell’s suffering be held accountable and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

-Be Empowered
Carlton Worthen

P.S…E-Mail me back if you are in agreement?

15 03 2009

Mmmmm, just what did Jimmy Lee Blackwell do to deserve what he got??

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