Change your script, change your life

16 01 2009

In the book I’m currently reading, Excuse Me, your life is waiting: the astonishing power of feelings (which is awesome, by the way), Lynn Grabhorn discusses writing a new script for your life. Basically, you picture what you want in your life and feel good/excited/passionate about how the experience will feel. But before all of that, you have to know why you want it. I’ll use me as an example.

I want money. But why do I want money? Freedom…from worry; freedom to do what I want, when I want, freedom to just LIVE. I want a high, positive balance in my bank account, have money for retirement in my IRA, buy anything I want and go on vacation at least once a year (here and abroad).

When you write or speak the script, you can talk to yourself or pretend as if you’re talking to a friend or other loved one. You also speak it and/or write a few times a day.

So, here’s the script I wrote:

Man, it’s so great that I have all these clients, and I’m living the life I imagine. I have my own place that’s perfect for me in Anderson with Chris and our dog. Chris and I are both thriving in our careers and life. We are going out to more places, buying things and investing money wisely. I have health insurance and am paying for my own car and insurance. We are able to take at least one vacation a year as well.

My career is awesome! The clients and magazine assignments are POURING in, and I get it all done by deadline. I am also a fellow in this great program; it is such a great opportunity- for learning and travel. I am so grateful for it. In addition to being financially independent, I help my parents and sister out when they need it, give freely and pay tithes and offering.




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