Ash, be gone! (Winter skincare tips)

6 11 2008

Winter is right around the corner so it’s time to get that skin glowing and beautiful. Moisturizing your skin doesn’t have to be expensive or very time consuming…here are three ways to do it.


One of the first things you’ll need is, well, moisturizer or lotion for us common folk. A lot of people use light lotions during warmer months, so you may want to switch to something thicker. (My personal favorite is Vaseline Intensive Care in Cocoa Butter.) Trust me it works. I’m like the ashiest of the ashy, and I do not have to reapply this.


Anyway, apply the lotion right after you shower when your skin is damp to seal in the moisture. And if your hands and feet are dry, put Vaseline on them and sleep (if it’s not too hot) in gloves and socks. I swear, it works wonders!


Your diet also helps to keep your skin moist. Drinking water helps your skin look good, so TRY to get about 60 oz. per day.  


Exfoliation, or scrubbing off dead skin, is another great way to moisturize. At least once a week, exfoliate with a loofah or body-polishing pad (or use everyday when you shower). You should also use an exfoliant on your face every few days.


By following these tips, you won’t have to worry about having ashy knees all winter long.






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