9 10 2008

Just a fun little run down of my beauty/fashion dont’s…

10. Don’t wear clothes that are way too little or way too big.

9. Don’t be too matchy-matchy, i.e., red shirt, red belt, red, necklace, red earrings, red bracelets – TOO MUCH RED!

8. Don’t match your eyeshadow with your clothing. Just pick a neutral color that complements your eye color.

7. Don’t wear pjs in public, unless you’re really sick and have to go to the doctor, store, etc.

6. Don’t wear chipped nail polish. Either take it off or do your nails. Please.

5. Don’t dye your hair colors that don’t complement your complexion, i.e. Tyra with way-blonde hair.

4. Don’t over-tweeze or over-wax your eyebrows and draw them back on.

3. Don’t have your underwear showing. That means make sure your shirts are long enough or your pants are high enough. If I see one more crack…

2. Don’t show too much skin. I understand, you want to look sexy and whatnot , but there’s a fine line between sexy and slutty. So, my suggestion is pick one body part to show off, if you must. So, if you want to show some leg, wear shorts or a mini and a short sleeve or sleeveless shirt. Not a cropped halter top and a mini.

1. DO NOT WEAR BLACK EYELINER AS LIP LINER. Need I say more? Please, tell me I don’t.

Disclaimer: This is all in good fun, and I’m guilty (or have been of some of them, so don’t get mad at me = )




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