A.A.C. particpates in first unity conference

28 09 2008
Art as an Agent for Change is participating in its first Unity Conference on October 3, 2008 at GCSU Center for Graduate and Professional Learning in Macon, GA from 10:30 AM-5:30 PM.

The conference will feature workshops on activism and collaboration, and will have poetry concerning activism as well.

As a grassroots organization, A.A.C. wanted to participate in the event like this to inspire other’s efforts in activism and help bring new groups into the field.

The workshop will encourage people to be creative in envisioning what they can do on college campuses and will show them what it took to form such an organization on a college campus.
For more information, contact Paul Grigsby at pagrigsby@gmail.com.

The purpose of A.A.C. is to present the plight of the oppressed, engage inequities that divide us, combat social apathy and to inform and educate all who will listen of the realities that shape our lives. A.A.C. establishes alliances with other artists and throught the mediums of poetry, visual arts, music, drama and self-expression.




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