Style? How many of us have it?

27 09 2008

One of my favorite fab diva, Kimora Lee says, “No matter what you’re trying to achieve, style is one of the most powerful ways of branding yourself…and branding is what a great impression is all about.”

And she’s right. I know, I know, clothes don’t (aren’t) suppose to make the (wo)man, but I think she has a point. As much as we might not like to admit it or adhere to it, we are judged on our looks the first time someone meets us, so sometimes, it can be a pretty big deal! But fear not because Ms. Kimora gives us her tips in her “Fabulosity 5-point Manifesto”:
1. Style is a form of self-promotion.
2. Developing a style is like your brandmark; it’ll get you noticed and remembered.
3. Fashion bestows authority and power on the wearer: Dress to impress and you’ll be taken seriously
4. Great style says, ‘Here I am! Pay attention to me! I value myself enought to put effort into this and you should too.’
5. (The most important, in my opinion), Style is individual. Style is subjective. Nobody can grade you on it.

That means no PJs to the grocery store! (unless it’s like ABSOLUTELY necessary). You never know who you might meet or run in to. And having style doesn’t mean wearing the latest trends, what’s “in”, or whatever the hot-celeb-of-the-moment is wearing. Style is about doing you. Of course, you may need a little help getting started, so check out these sites:– if you’re not sure what your personal style is, take this quiz– here you can create outfits from other websites to see how it would look– a part of long hair care forum, a forum mainly about hair care for women of color




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